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A few pieces from www.cytwombly.info





From the work of Evgenia Barinova, based in Moscow, Russia.


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Images from Present and Correct

Currently on view in London at the Bloomberg Space, Eva Grubinger’s Five Problems:

…is a series of sculptures that relate formally to Vexier (or disentanglement) puzzles, thought to originate in the ‘wisdom games’ of Song Dynasty-era China. These conundrums, involving freeing and attaching puzzle parts, come in a variety of materials including string, metal and wood with their appeal deriving from their apparent insolvability. In Five Problems, Eva Grubinger enlarges and reworks such brainteasers, locating them on the floor, walls and ceiling. Being too heavy to manipulate, the ‘problems’ become mental ones, calisthenics for the brain.


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Images from ampersandgallerypdx.com

Love these wax pastel drawings by Christoph Ruckhäberle for the first book in a series themed on patterns for Ampersand Editions. Ampersand is selling a deluxe version of the book, which includes an original of one of the drawings.



Image from www.artsy.net

A fantastic collection of Saul Sternberg images (and those for sale) can be found on artsy.net.



Caught the Greater New York show at PS1, specifically to catch this fantastic collection of objects from Kiosk’s 10 years of curated goods from around the world. This shop makes me think of a different NYC, when soho still had some of its grit, late nights were full of possibilities and this tiny shop was an unexpected find at the top of dark stairs.

The show at PS1 ends March 7, so hurry if you’re in or near NYC. If you can’t make it, the show features each object with a number. To hear a description of the object, you can call 646-693-3590 and enter the number when prompted. You can also text surf to KIOSK.PR.TL and enter the number when prompted.











The Thing Quarterly is a publication in form of an object. Different artists present objects for each issue, and this zoetrope umbrella by Kota Ezawa caught my eye. I imagine Gene Kelly would approve.



Photo by Florian Holzherr for Louis Vutton.

I’m going to Las Vegas soon, and I have an appointment to see this James Turrell installation. In Las Vegas style, it is in a Louis Vutton store, and only available for viewing by appointment. More details on it all in this helpful Medium post.


A film by Matthew Bate, on the photographer Victor Thomas, aka “vic.invades” on instagram.

In Bale’s words, “Yes, it’s illegal, and yes, it’s dangerous, but it’s in the name of creation and beauty. I believe Vic when he describes himself as the “Robin Hood” of photography — stealing views generally reserved for the few, and sharing them with us all.”


Saw this performance last night at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Such an interesting mix of theater, music, set, dance and acrobatics—I have never seen anything quite like it. The direction, set design and choreography were done by James Thierrée, who received the 2015 Next Wave award at the premiere last night. It’s running now through Oct. 4.