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I recently recounted the time I saw Miranda July at the School of Life in London. I wrote about it at the time on my travel blog, and have decided to copy it here.


Very excited that this portrait series of four sisters, taken over 40 years is on view at the MoMA till Jan, 4 2015.

More info on the exhibit here.


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Photographer Nicholas Nixon has captured his wife and her sisters in a collection of images that stirs a quiet but powerful emotion deep down in my bones.

The accompanying text by Susan Minot, nails the feeling…

“Throughout this series, we watch these women age, undergoing life’s most humbling experience. While many of us can, when pressed, name things we are grateful to Time for bestowing upon us, the lines bracketing our mouths and the loosening of our skin are not among them. So while a part of the spirit sinks at the slow appearance of these women’s jowls, another part is lifted: They are not undone by it. We detect more sorrow, perhaps, in the eyes, more weight in the once-fresh brows. But the more we study the images, the more we see that aging does not define these women. Even as the images tell us, in no uncertain terms, that this is what it looks like to grow old, this is the irrefutable truth, we also learn: This is what endurance looks like.”

See the series here.


From Gael Towey’s new short films series, Portraits in Creativity.



Just bought this collage from Erica Harris. All of the proceeds go to support Erica’s work with Buddha’s Smile School. Take a look at her etsy store – the India fundraiser is open through September 15.


I watch this animation by Jeff Scher every summer. Each frame is an individual painting, 2,141 in whole. See some of the paintings here.


I just discovered the work of Lenka Clayton. She is doing a series of typewriter drawings that she describes:

“Each year Michael Crowe and I make concurrent typewriter drawings (he in London, I in Pittsburgh). We each make one drawing every day of November of something we have seen that day. We will do this project for the rest of our lives until one of us dies. We are 36 years old. This is year two.”

See all of them here.









I also really love this project.


Zimoun : Compilation Video 3.1 from STUDIO ZIMOUN.

At work, been chatting with my friend/colleague about these interactive sculptures. Executed in a mechanical way, they so simply use something tangible to capture chance and beauty.


Saw a Tara Donovan exhibit at Pace Gallery last week.

As we inspected up-close the ordinary that makes her art spectacular, my friend noted how the sculptures had to be built within the space, and couldn’t easily be sold and moved to a different site. I replied by noting she was a true artist, which sounds a bit lost without the context of being said in a Chelsea gallery.

IMG_5971 IMG_5972 IMG_5974 IMG_5977


When WNYC (our local NPR station) announced they were doing a Radio Love Fest at BAM theater, I was torn about which show to go and see live. I was lucky to see two. I got to see Radiolab, which was fun and interesting, but not a huge departure from the format of the radio show, recorded on stage. The highlight was a surprise visit from Reggie Watts who is a brilliantly genius crazy person, and a master of live performance.

A few nights later, I saw This American Life with Ira Glass. I expected more or less the same sort of live recording of one of my favorite radio shows. If I could compare the level of expectation to what we saw that night, it would be something like strolling around the corner to the local bodega, and ending up on planet Saturn with dancing penguins synchronized to your favorite live band. While that might blow away your expectations, I also don’t want to give anything more away, and can only implore you to go to this link, pay $5 for the video download, and prepare to walk home happy that you took the long journey to the corner:


Trailer here: