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I love the people around me who make things. Bringing an idea into real life is no easy feat, big or small. These cards feature a beautiful lovely foil stamp hashtag, a hard-working symbol that sums up in ways that no other thing or word can. #impressed

Get them here.


While doing some research for work that involves the use of vintage images, I stumbled on this etsy shop that sells original prints from old books. The idea of a beautiful old book being cut up makes me sad, but I couldn’t resist paging through the entire shop. I ended up buying these three, and I have to admit I’m happy that they’ll be beaming boldly on my walls, vs being closed up on the shelf.





Loving these recent New Yorker covers:



Fall Library by Tom Gauld, Oct 20



Rainy Day by Christoph Niemann, Oct 6



Untitled, Circa 1967 by Saul Steinberg, Sept 15


Lovely simple animations by Brian Rea and Pablo Delcán for Peter Mendelsund‘s book, What We See When We Read:

What We See When We Read on Vimeo.

What We See When We Read on Vimeo.

What We See When We Read on Vimeo.

Also, curious about this book “Cover” by Peter Mendelsund. (Pun intended?)


My favorite Instagram feed of the moment (and many passing and future moments) is coming from @presentandcorrect — in a time when we are being inundated with bespoke online design shops, they are standing apart. Plus, they sell things like this, this and this. And this.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 9.22.29 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 8.53.33 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 8.52.34 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 8.51.46 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 8.54.14 PM


time-screensaver_300(Via Real Simple) Photo by Craig Cutler; Screen Saver Design by Alan Dye

I have the best screensaver. Many people who see it ask me where to get it. I sleuthed and found it here.

UPDATE: Oops! My favorite, I mean, my faithful reader pointed out that the screensaver link does not work on Real Simple’s site. Sorry! You can always send me an email to ask if I will share my mac file with you. And maybe I will. Or maybe I won’t.


pampas_newsletter 2

I am currently away on vacation. If you are in need of assistance and unsure of how to get away on your own, I highly recommend checking out the latest update to Tinybop’s app, Plants, available for iOS devices. It includes the addition of the Grasslands biome, an excellent get-away that you can take on your couch, at your desk, or a nearby park. And yes, we did make this app for kids (as we do all our apps), but I think it’s perfect for anyone who’s just a tad bit curious about the world we live in.



I got the most perfect surprise birthday present from my girlfriends. They took me to the Philip Johnson glass house, with the current fog installation by Fujiko Nakaya.










The property had several structures on it that Philip Johnson designed and used.
A little library:



Painting gallery, with several revolving walls of notable contemporary art, including Frank Stella:



Sculpture gallery:



Pavilion, and stair sculpture:



I always thought Philip Johnson was a very serious man, with his black glasses and stern face. But it’s clear, he was not afraid to experiment. Adjacent to the glass house is a brick house. And the pavilion shown above is a bit of an optical illusion as the ceiling is only 5’3″ in height, meant to appear further away than it really is.

Philip Johnson died in the glass house in 2005, at the age of 98. If you are in the NYC area, it is the perfect day trip by car or train. The fog installation is on until November.



From Gael Towey’s new short films series, Portraits in Creativity.





Photos from More & Co.

These mugs! Hand-painted polka dots on the inside and a rubber-dipped handle. Made by Recreation Center. Blue color exclusively available at More & Co.