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Howard Koslow Dies at 91; Artist Designed Stamps for 40 Years.

“He was a well-known designer, and very prolific, but it is not so much the number of stamps as the time span of more than 40 years, which is very unusual,” said Daniel A. Piazza, the chief curator of philately at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum.



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I’m adding a new category to the blog today. It may seem a little dark, but I occasionally check in on the Obits section of The New York Times, namely to find the more obscure lives lived. I find them reassuring, that celebration of living a life passionately about something, no matter how unconventional.

Maria Teresa de Filippis, Pioneer of Auto Racing, Dies at 89

“Weighing barely 100 pounds when she raced, she drove a rocketlike Maserati 250F that had been modified for her slight frame.”