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Cocktail: Bitter Guiseppe.



Poster by Farner Rudolf Werbeagentur.

Cynar is an artichoke based liquor, with herb intonations and a genorosity of sweetness which gives its cocktails the profile of a gentler, ever-slightly prettier younger sister of the Negroni. I once had it straight in a fancy bar in Boston called Drink, and it was not what I expected. We had a conversation with the lovely bartender about the cocktail I and my friend fell for when we were traveling together in San Diego, the Bitter Guiseppe. It is an incredibly simple cocktail, certainly easy to make at home (as I made it for the first time for Thanksgiving pre-dinner cocktail hour). The main detail that I would say is crucial, is to use a big ice cube (or a pile of ice that peeks out on top) so that you can sprinkle salt that will sit on that edge as you go for a sip. The mix of hitting that salt, with a sip of the Cynar mixed with vermouth is the perfect definition of sweet + savory.

Recipe: Bitter Guiseppe
from drinksanddrinking.com

2oz Cynar
1oz Carpano Antica sweet vermouth
2 small dashes of salt

Combine ingredients in Old Fashioned Glass over ice.
Cut a lemon peel with enough meat to extract about 10-15 drops of juice
Squeeze juice into the drink, twist peel on top, and stir. Sprinkle top of ice with salt and serve.

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