— Noted.

Crepe peony. And shortbread cookies.

I made the crepe flower! (See my post below this one if you’re not up to speed).

These are the things I learned:

– There is one store in NYC (out of nearly 10 or so that I either visited or called) that sells crepe paper.

– Floral wire is also an elusive item to find in NYC (granted I did not try very hard and was convinced copper wire from the art store would be just fine – which it was).

– Why aren’t my petals as big and beautiful as the ones in the step-by-step picture? OH. Because I’m using the crepe paper you use for birthday parties, not the high-end stuff. (I couldn’t find green crepe paper so I actually made my leaves out of crepe STREAMERS. If there was extra credit for this, I have won it all.)

– Do not drink iced coffee before sitting down to work with fragile cheap crepe paper and scissors and glue.

– Do not expect mom to gush over the paper flower. Don’t get me wrong, she liked it, but she was not GUSHING which is in fact, totally NORMAL.


IMG_0008 IMG_0009 IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0012


All in all, it came out OK. I even made shortbread cookies to go with. A very good and easy recipe by smitten kitchen here.



My new to-do list item is to buy the high-end crepe paper (via the internet) and give it another go.

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