— Noted.


These eggs have been popping up out of the corner of my eye. There is something about giving a group of artists the same constraint that feels very revealing. And, lovely that it’s 100% for charity for two very different causes ā€” NYC school children and the endangered Asian elephant and its habitat. (Or maybe not that different at all?)

28645-1395775750-6 Jane Morgan-xl


28690-1395685999-185 Nick Matic-xl 28815-1395679850-105 Oliver Jeffers-xl 28828-1395681159-116 Andrew Zienteik-xl 28838-1396450314-Martha Meredith Crop copy-xl 28840-1395682159-129 Cynthia Rowley copy-xl 28875-1395684628-164 Dakota Sika-xl 28887-1395685367-177 Krink-xl 29208-1395776106-63 Warby Parker-xl


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