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Galettes and roasted tomatoes.

Summer is officially over and I’m clinging to corn and tomatoes like it’s the end of the world.

I’m conveniently channeling this impending expiration of summer produce into 2 new obsessions. Galettes and roasted tomatoes.

First, galettes. How is it possible that I have not been eating galettes until very recently? If you have not been introduced to the galette, do it here and now. To avoid the nagging sensation of life regret, I’ve started making galettes at home, which turns out to be very easy. I have limited prior experience in baking a pie. The good thing is the galette celebrates imperfection and does not require a pie pan. The other good thing is store-bought frozen pastry dough is really up to par. I’m told that pie crust is not hard to make, but with a tiny Brooklyn kitchen and the lack of interest, my focus has instead been directed towards the question: puff pastry or pie crust?

I conducted a recent test using a Dufours Puff Pastry vs a Trader Joe’s pie crust. Both were extremely easy to defrost and already in a rolled-out state that easily transferred onto a baking sheet with no need of a floured surface or rolling pin. I gave both to my parents to eat for dinner and the unanimous results were that the puff pastry is a better galette crust. I should also note that I used the same exact savory recipe from Smitten Kitchen: Burst Tomato Galette with Corn and Zucchini (and Green Onion).


The recipe relies on scallions and parmesan. I would tell you they are essential:




Crust folded over into position. All ready for the oven:

What I am now curious about is whether that buttery pie crust would actually do better in a fruit galette. Stay tuned for that…

Second. Roasted tomatoes. After much research on different cooking sites, I landed on this advice from NPR that no matter which recipe you follow when it comes to oven temperature and how many hours to slow-cook, it really doesn’t matter and that they all work. That being the case, I went with David Lebovitz who split all extremes with an oven at 325° and a 2-hour cooking time. There is nothing as sweet as the taste of a perfectly ripened summer tomato, except maybe those that are slow-roasted and reduced to all that is necessary.

Recipe: David Lebovitz, Oven-Roasted Tomatoes

  1. Name says: October 10, 201412:59 pm

    I am excited to try this! Note that trader joes comes out with a great (and cheap!) frozen puff pastry dough during the holidays.

    • melyjun says: October 15, 20141:33 am

      Yes! I have seen it. The next test will be TJ’s puff pastry vs Dufour’s! Dufour’s pastry was deelish, but it costs $10 at my local.

  2. Sabrina says: October 25, 20141:50 pm

    You also have to try this oven-roasted tomato recipe. it is a little quirky (you leave it in the oven overnight) but is crazysuper easy and DELISH! you basically preheat the oven to a high temperature and leave it there, so the hardest part about it is remembering in the morning that you made it! it’s from the nigella kitchen cookbook, and calls for 24 grape/cherry tomatoes

    • melyjun says: October 26, 201411:47 pm

      Yum! Thanks for sharing, Sa!

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