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Photo from leckerlee.com

Winter brings me down. Wanna know what can defeat the heavy cold and gray skies? Lebkuchen! My friend recently sent me a tin on a particularly unkind winter day and it was like receiving a big yellow ray of cozy sunshine. It comes in a perfect tin. I didn’t know what a lebkuchen was, but I took a bite and realized I have had this flavor before, somewhere in my childhood. It was a joyful moment.

I had to look up the company, Leckerlee, that makes these beautiful cookies, and I see they only ship in season, and lebkuchen season ends in about a week. Consider this your fair warning on how to survive the rest of winter.

From their site:
Nuremberg-style lebkuchen is widely regarded as the finest gingerbread in the world. This gustatory heirloom has been handed down by Bavarian medieval monks and fiercely protected for centuries by lebkuchen guilds, confining its designation to the city limits of the German gingerbread capital. Until one enchanting Bavarian winter day, a crazy lebkuchen convert decided its destiny was to travel far and wide…

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