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Recipe: corn salad.

At the greenmarket, I scored two of my favorite herb plants to have in the window garden: mint and thyme.

Also can not get enough of corn this summer, so I made a variation of this corn salad recipe by Mark Bittman. The nice thing about this kind of recipe is you can really improvise by tasting and adjusting along the way.

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ingredients (in no particular order and without any exactness)

4 ears of corn

pint of grape tomatoes (or whatever tomatoes you have on hand)

generous amount of mint (I used about 1 full tablespoon after it was chopped down)

less generous amount of thyme (maybe 0.5 tablespoon when chopped)

feta cheese (about 1/3 cup)

olive oil (about 0.5 tablespoon)


garlic clove

salt & pepper

arugula (optional)

1. Cut the kernels off all the corn and throw it in a pan with a generous spoonful of butter and garlic. Add salt and pepper (just remember to go easy on the salt knowing feta is coming)

2. Let corn cool for a bit and then toss in a bowl with halved grape tomatoes and dash of olive oil. (Mark Bittman adds a lot more olive oil, but I did less because to be honest with you, I added a fairly generous amount of butter to the corn. He also recommends eating the corn kernels raw… which I am intrigued by but may never get to try because I love giving it a quick sauté in butter!)

3. Crumble in the feta. I added in a conservative amount, feeling it is better to add more on top when plated.

4. Toss and add any extra salt/pepper to taste. Serve on top of a bed of arugula (or not).


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