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Rental car.

If you know me, there’s a chance you know that there is a frugal streak that runs through my family. My mom started it, setting the example that if you are going to buy anything, it will be because it’s on sale, whether you need it or not. My brother inherited this but has taken it to another degree, seeking things on sale, and oftentimes sacrificing a normal train of thought or the notion of convenience to make the ultimate sale purchase (or money-saving scheme) possible. I am the least frugal in comparison to them, but this little obsessive gene does unpredictably pop up and start controlling my comfort levels of paying normal prices for things, especially those things that might be considered mundane.

And what is more lame than paying to rent a car? The last time I rented a car, the guy at the rental counter asked me how I felt about being issued a Ford. Am I supposed to have feelings about this?

Somehow, I have discovered that the absolute best deal you can get in renting a car (and if it wasn’t obvious, this is only relative to someone who only cares about a car getting from point A to point B) is through the “Name Your Price” feature on priceline.com. I have gotten away with paying as little as $6/day for a rental car. It’s a genius ploy on the psychology of getting a good deal, as you have to name a price low enough to satisfy your good-deal needs, and high enough that a reputable rental car company will take your asking price. I’ve used it several times now and every single time have bursted out in “YES!” when the bid is accepted.

Pretty certain that my mom and brother would be proud.

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