— Noted.


time-screensaver_300(Via Real Simple) Photo by Craig Cutler; Screen Saver Design by Alan Dye

I have the best screensaver. Many people who see it ask me where to get it. I sleuthed and found it here.

UPDATE: Oops! My favorite, I mean, my faithful reader pointed out that the screensaver link does not work on Real Simple’s site. Sorry! You can always send me an email to ask if I will share my mac file with you. And maybe I will. Or maybe I won’t.

  1. Ana says: September 15, 20147:24 pm

    Sad. It looks like Real Simple took down the download link. 🙁

    • melyjun says: September 15, 201411:33 pm

      Ack. Thanks for the catch, Anaq! x

  2. Cait says: August 18, 20178:20 am

    Hi, I was wondering if you still had the link to this screensaver? I think it’s gorgeous and would love it!

    Many thanks


  3. Dee says: February 18, 20247:20 pm

    I had this wonderful screensaver, but cannot find it for my new computer. 🙁 Are you able to share the usable link?

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