— Noted.

Winter gear.

It is currently 43° outside, dark gray skies, cold and quiet. I have to admit, like a small child who is scared of the dark, I’m scared of winter.

In order to distract my nagging thoughts that I should invest in a SAD lamp, I’m sharing these uplifting winter knitted things.


Sourpuss Knits: Really simple graphic hats and scarves by Lorraine Murray. Her hats feature a detachable colored pom pom so you can mix and match and coordinate to your endless winter’s delight. And, unisex!

packaging Gradient+-+b+&+w poms



Winter cable beanie: Knit hat by kckshop (keep calm and knit) on etsy. These hats are handmade by Giulia, who lives in Milan, and offers lots of colors. Don’t you just love that etsy makes it possible for her to sell her stuff to the world?


allknitwear.com:  Not for the faint of heart. Lots of color and pattern pretty much declares war on old man winter.

Red_Checker_Stripe_Hat_large coney_box_top_peach_SRGB_large Bright_Coney_Hat_SRGB_large griddle_box_top_flat_SRGB_1_large

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