— Noted.


“From a three screen slide show made for a lecture on The New Covetables given by Charles Eames during his tenure as the Charles Eliot Norton Professor of Poetry at Harvard, 1970-71.”

Some notable quotes:

” …somehow or another a bolt of cloth comes under that sort of heading of goods. The kind of goods that people sort of lay a great story on. The kind of things that you have a feeling of tremendous security about. And I don’t know if you remember quite, sort of, what goods are. But, this is the way a bolt of cloth looks. It’s fascinating because it is goods… ”

“These are goods… A ball of twine. Who would throw away a ball of twine? Because there’s something special about that ball of twine. Before the moment that’s it’s opened up and gotten into… Because as long as it’s somewhat of a seal, why, it’s an object to hold onto. Even the way that marvelous iron thing that the twine goes in so that the string comes down and in some sense you think it’s going on forever.”

“A keg of nails… boxes of candy are thought of as kegs of nails. But once into it, the beautiful mass of stuff which like a barrel of apples or a bushel of apples you think is going to last forever. Because once you open a keg of nails, how can you run through it?”

“Reams of paper. Haven’t you dreamed of reams of paper? It’s absolutely beautiful beautiful beautiful stuff… What you do with a ream of paper can never quite come up to what the paper offers in itself.”


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